To The Summit

Five Proven Steps To Your Next Transformational Breakthrough

The TO THE SUMMIT program was inspired by my expedition to Mt. Denali. The purpose of this program is to experience a private victory and position yourself to have an extraordinary year.

“To the Summit” is a 7-month program that begins with a 4-day retreat in Hawaii. The next six months are coached by telephone to further enable you to have a profound learning experience in your life.

The 4-Day Hawaii Retreat is a Vision Quest

The objective of the retreat is to leave with a clear, calm mind and a lucent and robust 365-day personal and business plan. Hawaii is a place to leave the craziness of the world behind and learn how to be centered and master the moment. It is a place to examine your life and see what is broken and fix it.

Focusing on the eight equities of life:  Reputation, Money, Relationships, Creativity, Health and Recreation, Knowledge and Spiritual Growth – aggressive goals are crafted in each area to live an intentional life during the following year.Bali Hale Maui - Kathy Ollerton

Areas Covered:

  1. How to write your vision and vision cast into a beautiful horizon.
  2. Looking at your fate and destiny through the lens of numerology
  3. Focus on body kindness and self-care (Yoga, breathing, being in the sea)
  4. Take a 4-day digital detox – soak in the peaceful tropics instead
  5. Gain a new take on feng shui. Arrange your home to reflect each different aspect of your life to cultivate positive energy that supports your vision.
  6. From Integrity, create your profit – attracting wealth
  7. The Courage to be vulnerable – where your gift will arise
  8. Understanding your standards and boundaries in relationships
  9. The healing power of the Aloha Spirit and the awe of it
  10. Clearing out the mental clutter and fog
  11. A mindful way to age
  12. Be still and know silence
  13. Your place in your community
  14. Miracle of forgiveness
  15. Living a principle-centered life


  • The first week of each month is a 60-minute themed webinar, from lessons learned on Mt. Denali, with new material that will be integrated during the following three weeks. Q & A will follow for 30 minutes after the webinar.
  • Three weekly 50-minute coaching calls focused on you and your progress.
  • These calls are personally tailored from YOUR business plan.


MODULE Two:  LOOK UP – “How to Hold Vision

Sea Level

When I landed in Talkeetna to prepare for our climb, looking at the mountain was so intimidating and to imagine myself on top, was otherworldly. I am not going to lie, I was scared, reality had hit. I tried to conjure up some type of an emergency, I wanted out of the climb, but it was too late. I had told so many people, I couldn’t back out. My vision evaporated. Extinguished. Gone!  

  • How I learned to push through the massive intimidation of the mountain and get back into my vision.
  • Homework assignment: Intimidation, It’s You, Not Them, Not the Mountain
  • Execute your 30-Day business plan


MODULE Two:  CLIMB UP – “The Power of Commitment”

Elevation 8,000 Feet First Base Camp

This module is designed for you to identify the ONE block that has held you back. When you release this block, everything else works. My first day on the mountain, we climbed 1,000 feet, buried our supplies and returned back to base camp to sleep. I sat down and pulled off my boot. The soles of both feet were completely covered in one large blister filled with fluid. I couldn’t stand up again. My feet were raw. I decided to drop out and go back to LA. Kathy Ollerton was the 40th woman to ever climb Mt. McKinley (Denali).

Before I went to bed, I recited the quote from WH Murray, ”When one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.”  

Did I really believe that? I changed my plan and told my guide I would stay. The next morning, he wrapped my feet in moleskin, it hurt, the pain eventually went away as I climbed. My feet never blistered again.

  • Homework assignment: Learn how commitment transforms fear into power
  • Execute your 30-Day business plan

MODULE Three:  SCALE UP – “When You Give Way and Allow”

Elevation 14,000 Feet Medical Research Base Camp

At 14,000 feet, medical doctors study high altitude illness, brain edema and it is the last place our team will have communication with Base Camp. From 14,000 to 16,000 feet is the WALL, the HEAD WALL. It is called a wall because that is what it is, a straight up 2,000-foot wall. If you fall on the wall, you drop 5,000 feet to your death and the cemetery with several crosses mark previous climber’s burial spots. It is impossible to recover their bodies.

To scale up in your business you have to leverage. You will find yourself in a dilemma, and you have to give way to something you are trying to control and allow something bigger than yourself to come through. Just before we had to scale the WALL, we saw a mighty avalanche. I noticed the weight of the snow on a high ridge, it began to crack and then the sounds of thunder and total release of thousands of pounds of snow. It was frightening beyond words. Would it stop before it reached our trail?  And at the other extreme, it was a magnificent demonstration of giving up and giving way to a force of nature that was to be of benefit to all. It made the wall safe to scale. When you are in vision, you give up your control and allow your vision to work through you. Kathy Ollerton Mt. Denali

  • Homework assignment: The Miracle of Forgiveness
  • Execute your 30-Day business plan


MODULE Four:  RISE UP – “Work in A Higher Dimension”

Elevation 19,000 Feet Summit Assent Camp

At 19,000 feet the air is very thin. There isn’t much oxygen in it.

Rise above it. All of our food was dehydrated. To get water it took hours to melt boulders of snow just to get a few tablespoons of water. You are hungry, rise above it. You are burning 8,000 calories a day and feel weak and dizzy. Rise above it.

Your brain is foggy from lack of sleep, food, water and oxygen, rise above it.

Our guide chooses 3 of our best climbers to make the last 1,310 feet to the summit. The rest of the team stays back to keep melting snow for water. Mt McKinley_Denali - Group Climb

Nothing materialistic is important now, it is just water and air.

The mountain decides whether you climb or not. Strong winds and a blizzard came up out of nowhere. We stayed in our tents for three days. I learned a new angle on procrastination and timing. You have a plan, but there is a silent hand that holds you back. There are times when you have to wait and have faith that someone else holds the reins. If you are committed to your vision all the forces work together at the last moments to open the portal to the next domain. And so it was on the mountain. At the very last hour, the weather subsided, and we made the summit.

  • Homework assignment:  Work on a Higher Plane – Rise Above the Issues
  • Execute your 30-Day business plan

MODULE Five:  ASCEND UP –  “It’s Unstoppable”

Elevation 20,310 Feet Summit Mt. Denali

Although I was on the team that stayed at 19,000 feet to melt snow, it was my summit. This was when our team was in its full power. Because the air was so thin, we would not talk, we needed to save every ounce of energy for the duty of melting snow. Our silence made us communicate telepathically, we all deeply knew each other, we had total mindshare. I trusted my guides and my teammates as much as life itself. During this time, it was difficult to do calculations—that part of the brain was not needed—I could measure by sight.

Our team moved into a huge thought process that was pure energy! All questions were signals and answers were signaled back. Esther Hicks wrote a book, “Ask and it is Given” and that was our experience. Communication was only through vibrations not with words. I will never forget the feeling of being beyond human, it was glorious, calming, exciting, humbling with a beautiful confidence. I learned the highest form of communication is personal revelation. When answers come from the quantum field and are shown to you.

  • Homework assignment:  Develop Your Intuition and Sense of Knowing
  • Execute your 30-Day business plan

MODULE Six: LIFT OTHERS UP –  “Learn it, Teach it”

Back Home

There was a silent, reverent vow I made on the mountain that when I got back home, it would be my calling to lift others up. I was shown something and it is now a burning desire in me to show others because it is the way of the mountain. You too, after you internalize this victory process will teach it to others. We all will be coaches in our own realm teaching because it is the way of the mountain.

  • Homework assignment:  Find 5 people that you can coach and lift them up
  • Execute your 30-Day business plan.

Just to finish up, I told my guide Harry, that I met my future child while I was at the 16,000-foot base camp. He didn’t take me seriously, he explained that was due to a lack of oxygen in my brain. Well, one year later, during the month of June, I gave birth to a darling baby girl, her name is McKinley.

AND THIS IS MY WHY I do this. TO THE SUMMIT training program builds character to match the mountain. You don’t have to literally climb a mountain to get the summit experience; but on the last day of the training we all do something that we have never done before that will give us the end result of amazement.

“Whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes what he says will happen, it shall be done for him.  Mark 11:23

This is the belief of the mountain.  You were born for such a time as this.

This is the time to know your assignment and do your part. If you are living in this century, you were born to do great things for the world.

Want to find your calling? Serve others by lifting them up and your calling will find you. You will find your gifts and your spiritual capacity will make a difference in the world.

You were born to move mountains.


To empower you to use your business as a lens to transform your life, just like I transformed mine. Transformation must be a choice, and I'm here to guide and hold you accountable to know your purpose, identify your gifts, and find your calling.