Frequently Asked Questions

Why is coaching/mentoring/ so valuable?

I was the 40th woman to summit Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. I was on an expedition with nine other people, none of whom were professional climbers. We hired a guide. His name was Harry Johnson. There were times on the mountain when I literally put my foot in the foot-print he had made just ahead of me. Step by step, I followed him up the 20,000+ foot ascent. When I climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland, my guide had us turn around and we did not summit. He had climbed it over 800 times and when he said the roof was too frozen to climb, we all turned around and went down the mountain. I never would have made the summit or returned home safely without the wise and experienced guides who helped me pack the right equipment, find the right trail, wait for the right weather conditions, carry the right amount of food and supplies, the emotional coaching and the deep care and concern of our team.

What is the number one cause of failure?

Lack of clarity, one has to not only be clear, but must be CRYSTAL clear. Your visions needs to be written out in a precise way and include the seven equities of life for a full 360-degree view. You also craft a succinct one sentence description of your vision as an “elevator speech” or an audio logo so you can articulate clearly and quickly your message.

What causes leaders to be vague?

Suppressed fear, not rational fear but irrational fear, most business people live at a comfortable level and are not in touch with survival fear. Because we are removed from survival, we are not in touch with it. But we do experience irrational fear, i.e. what if someone rejects me, I don’t think I know enough. We think differently when we are suppressing our fear. Suppressed fear organizes thoughts, thoughts form words, spoken words create a behavior, and a behavior creates a reality.

How then, does one manage suppressed fear?

Manage is the operative word. Most people want to eradicate or exterminate fear. Fear transformed is excitement, so use your fear. My work is central to this issue. Coaching people not to just talk about their emotions, but rather experience them and transform them. Fear is okay, when managed, it is fuel to propel initiatives forward.

Are there other emotions that are necessary to work out?

Yes, anger is one. Anger is triggered by an unmet expectation. If one suppresses anger, the mental state will not be crystal clear. When anger is transformed it is determination and again will add momentum to propel initiatives forward.

Are you a therapist?

No. But my work is therapeutic. Actually, therapists have taken my courses and will affirm they add speed to their process when used together.

A huge amount of time in your trainings are about relationships, why?

Everything is relational. How you relate to time, to money, to people, to fulfillment, to peers, to your body, to your job, to your boss, your clients. To be truly authentic, you must understand how to attract and structure relationships. And more importantly, the relationship you have to yourself, when explored, is nothing short of amazement.

Why did you climb Mt. McKinley?

To master the visionary factor and to master building high performance teams. Both are mandatory to make the summit. Back on the ground, both are mandatory for leaders and managers.

What is the end result if someone does not manage their fear?

When a person avoids or denies their own personal fear, they fall into the victim trap. One will move from being responsible and resourceful to being irresponsible and unimaginative. They might blame, criticize or find fault in others. There is a strong gravitational pull to become a victim. We all have been in this role at one time or another in our life. In a dysfunctional team or family, “victim” is the most powerful role. They are the star and the central player in this drama and may hook many other people in their orbit and it is highly manipulative. There will be no authentic result. This drama is created to cover or mask the fact that the victim collapsed to fear and defaulted to a role at some critical choice point, rather than manage the fear and stay in their personal power.

What would you give as you best advice?

Actually, I don’t give advice. People don’t take it. What I have found in my own experience is you have to really LOVE what you do. I literally love my work, I love my clients, and I win when they win. I teach them, and they teach me. I would do it for free if I had to. I find if I coach the principles of personal responsibility and accountability, my students find their own answers. Personal revelation is the highest form of communication.

Is there a difference between management and leadership?

Yes, management is a skill, it can be taught. Leadership calls forth the inner creator and requires a personal breakthrough or personal breakthrough before a public victory is manifested. If a leader experiences a true and authentic breakthrough, it will model and infuse the whole culture with the blueprint for everyone to move up a level or two. The messaging into a family, team or organization is so compelling, anyone who chooses to participate with a break through culture will personally develop and grow as a human being.

How long does the program last?

I have an online program, TO THE SUMMIT that gets the best results. It starts with a four day retreat in Maui and a follow-up weekly coaching program for six months. Live one-on-one coaching calls ensures one’s vision will manifest. Seventy percent of participants will enroll for a second year. I have had some teams stay together for as long as 13 years.

Do you give a money back guarantee?

No. I guarantee to set up the conditions for you, but it is your responsibility to move the needle.

What are your qualifications?

I have been doing this work for 25 years, I have trained over 150,000 people, and I have never worked with an organization who didn’t ask me back for more work.

Why are millennials so attracted to this work?

Because it is authentic. Because it touches the human being. Because it expands the concept of what it means to be a human being and the responsibility of contributing your life force to build a better world. Results count, people matter, giving expands.

What sets you apart from other programs?

What I do is not a motivational training. Most of motivational trainings evaporate once you are faced with negative factors. What in truth motivates people is setting up a condition for truth to be told. Most programs tell people what to do, I set up context for personal revelation and personal growth.

Can you give an example of how you are different?

Yes. Let’s take time management. Time is a critical resource. There are many programs that show you have to calendar, prioritize, schedule, plan, review, track, and so forth. I can do that too. But the real source of bad time management is guilt. When one knows what to do (such as recruit or cold call) but does not do it, they experience guilt. One will spend more time on activities that are “busy work” to compensate for the default position, but they will not bring cash into the organization. When they are at home, they will feel they need to be back at work and do more. When they are at work, they will feel they need to spend more time with the family. It is a cycle and all the scheduling, planning and prioritizing will not change the outcome until the guilt is managed.

I see where one of your students got a divorce after being in the training. Did
your training cause this?

No. If you are going to get a divorce you will get one with or without this training. If you are going to be a great leader, you will with or without this training. All this process does, is it gets you to the result earlier. Instead of it taking Four-five years to be a top producer you will get there in one to two years.

What is the negative thing about your training?

Find out you are in the wrong job or wrong position? But ultimately, that evolves into a positive experience.


To empower you to use your business as a lens to transform your life, just like I transformed mine. Transformation must be a choice, and I'm here to guide and hold you accountable to know your purpose, identify your gifts, and find your calling.