Customer Testimonials

Jean A. Backman
Senior Vice President
Coldwell Banker, Stevens, Realtors

Kathy Ollerton makes both leadership 2000 and Real Estate 2000 an extraordinary experience. Kathy is a remarkable person: a gifted communicator who quickly inspires trust. Kathy truly makes a difference to all who train with her. She teaches the true meaning of commitment as it relates to personal as well as business life. From Kathy I learned how to recognize and then focus on those few things that are critical to achieving success. I particularly like her gift of six questions that makes procrastination virtually impossible. I would recommend this training to anyone interested in improving themselves.


Michael L.

Kathy Krafchow embodies to me the meaning of genius. She is an original force, expressing through the magic of her teaching both the freedom and the power of a committed life. Her special gift lies in her ability to reach into an individual and draw out from them those commitments which alone will set them free. For within each of us there are doors that need to be opened, light that needs to be seen, steps that need to be taken to pursue our destiny. Kathy has opened those doors for thousands of people.  

Ed A.

Managing Broker

Coldwell Bank Stevens Realtors

The skills and understanding we have received are directly applicable to the dramatic changes the business world is going through. As a result, we as a company are now capable of adjusting to those changes while continuing to increase market share. Could there be a better result from a program? Should you have questions about the foregoing and Kathy’s work, please do not hesitate to call. Obviously I am a fan, but only because of the result. What Kathy tells you will happen-will happen!



To empower you to use your business as a lens to transform your life, just like I transformed mine. Transformation must be a choice, and I'm here to guide and hold you accountable to know your purpose, identify your gifts, and find your calling.